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Certificate of Appreciation

Our site offers a number of templates, including certificate of appreciation templates. These templates definitely come in handy when you’re hosting an even like a graduation, employee recognition dinner or small luncheon for your organization. You can even give the certificate to a team member or colleague for doing a great job on a project as part of a thank-you gift.

The certification of appreciation template includes space for the date and year of the ceremony, as well as space for the recipient’s name and the organization giving the certificate. We also offer space on the document that you can fill with small designs, like the company logo for the business where the appreciation ceremony will be held, or a team logo and slogan if you’re having an awards ceremony for a school sports team.

You can also use our certification of appreciation template to add a border to the document to make it stand out even more. The border can feature a combination of thick or thin lines, or you can border the certificate with images like building blocks if you’re showing appreciation to the staff of a nursery school, or cooking utensils if the appreciation assembly is for a cooking school. The template also offers enough space for you to include a quote from a notable individual in your field. For instance, if you’re congratulating culinary students, a quote like “…Usually one’s cooking is better than one thinks it is…” from Julia Child to provide encouragement to graduating students and provide them with a reminder to always work with confidence. If you’re presenting the certificates of appreciation to children who are advancing to the next phase in their education, a fun but poignant quote by Dr. Suess like “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if you only try!” This quote is one that students will likely look back on in the coming years, and the saying will make the appreciation certificate even more meaningful.

We allow you to customize the size of your certificates of appreciation as well in case you want to frame them. A framed certificate is ideal if your appreciation ceremony will be small and you want to make the documents extra special. You may also want to have the frames engraved to further personalize the gift of appreciation and make the ceremony one that both honorees and guests will remember for quite some time.

Feel free to visit our website to order the certificate of appreciation template and to take a look at the other templates we offer. You’re sure to find a template that will work perfectly for the program you’re hosting. You can easily download the certificate outline that works best for you so you can make the right amount of copies for your important event. The certificate contains all the space you need to completely make the document your own, so that your event or assembly will be especially successful.

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