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Formal Meeting Agenda Template

Formal meetings are business meetings that are conducted in a professional environment. These meetings usually take place somewhere other than the office or a conference room. Private rooms at restaurants, for example, are a common place for a formal meeting. These meetings always involve more than one person or company discussing terms for a contract, product, or service. Usually, the meeting will take place in a location that is convenient for both parties.

Having a formal meeting agenda helps to give everyone involved an idea of what to expect when they attend. Setting up the agenda well in advance is often recommended, as some guests may be traveling in order to come. The agenda will need to look professional in order to be taken seriously by some colleagues.

Using a formal meeting agenda template can help you make sure that you have a plan that looks and sounds professional. The agenda has plenty of space for you to fill in all of the details people need to know about your formal meeting.

Agenda Templates are free to download. Because they are in MS Word format, they can be used on almost any computer and may be modified to fit your needs. All you need to do is download the template and update the information to have a printable agenda for your formal business meeting.

Here is the preview of our Formal Meeting Agenda Template,




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