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PTA Agenda

The backbone of any successful meeting is the agenda. An agenda is a list of items that are to be addressed during the meeting. Having an agenda helps to guide the flow of the meeting, keeps the meeting on target, and makes sure key points are not missed. This is especially true with PTA meetings.

The Parent Teacher Association does a lot for the local school system. PTA members supervise fundraising, extra-curricular activities for students, and grounds clean-ups among a myriad of other things. It is essential that meetings be organized and concise to make sure everything that needs to be addressed is covered. The simplest way to do this is a PTA agenda template.

An agenda template takes information that is entered manually into a program and turns it into a formal guide for the meeting. It can be printed and distributed to all members prior to the start of the meeting, allowing everyone to follow along as the meeting progresses. It allows PTA members and visitors to know when certain parts of the meeting will happen in the event someone wants to attend or not attend a specific part.

It is possible to tailor an agenda template to suit a particular PTA by changing style, color, format, etc. A good template should offer the schedule for the meeting in a clear, easy to follow format. Most agendas will start with a welcome of some sort, an approval of the minutes from the prior meeting, reports from the treasurer, president, committees, etc.; then list any new business, proposals, problems, followed by announcements and adjournments.

Every PTA survives because of the support and hard work of all its’ members and volunteers. They need all the help they can get, and using a template to craft agendas is an easy contribution.

Here is the preview of our PTA Agenda Template,