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Meeting agenda template (Formal)

Are you going to be leading a meeting sometime soon? Do you need to create an agenda that is formal and professional? If so, this formal meeting agenda template provides just the help that you need.

The top of this template includes space for your company or department name, so that everyone at the meeting knows just who is leading it. It then includes space for the date and time, so that everyone knows just when the meeting is taking place. Next, you will be able to fill in the type of meeting, the meeting facilitator, and the names of the invitees.

This template includes space to really plan out the whole meeting, from roll call to adjournment. It includes space to list the open issues of discussion, as well as new issues to be discussed, and it will keep your meeting moving along. With the use of this free meeting agenda template, you can create a formal meeting agenda that is professional and well made.

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