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Baby Shower Invitation Card Template

Certainly, plenty of planning is involved with having a baby shower. This baby shower invitation card template will make the whole process of inviting guests to the event easier. These templates are very professionally designed and act as a guide to create a very unique baby shower invitation.

The card features a very unique pink design around the edges of the card template. At the top of the item, are letters printed in a bold red color. Baby Shower is printed in bold blue letters appropriately in the center of the template. There is a to field included and followed by a place field. The bottom right side contains a beautifully crafted baby carriage design.

This finely designed invitation card template is completely customizable. Perhaps, the information fields are not suitable for your purpose. It is very easy to change the color of the fonts, edit the fields, or even add an additional field. The templates are designed to make all changes easy and very simple process.

Preview of Baby Shower Invitation Card Template,