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A busy life needs a way to keep it on track, and everyone has a system that works for them. If you don’t have a system you will constantly find yourself forgetting things or being disorganized. When you have several tasks that need to be completed throughout the day, whether it is for a job or just for yourself then you need a way to keep them written down so you can stay on track. This would be referred to as a to do list and many people take advantage of them by using a simple notepad and piece of paper. After a while though those notepads will disappear leaving you right back where you started from.

Save yourself some time and create your own to do list with our to do list template. This handy little to do list template is pre filled with some basic tasks for the workplace. You can easily add more tasks into it once you have it downloaded into your computer. Or you can change the tasks completely in order to fill it in with those tasks that you need to have accomplished on a regular basis.

Simple to use this to do list template can be edited by using Microsoft Word enabling you to change the font, text and color. You can even highlight those important tasks that you really need to get done. You list a due date for each task, or simply use it as a checklist. All you need to do is check off each task as you accomplish it. And this handy list is great for employees or students as they will have a list of tasks to accomplish and can hand you back the list once it is complete.

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Printable free to do list template