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Asset Purchase Agreement Template for 2015

As a business owner, from time to time you need to sell significant assets to another company or buyer. Our Asset Purchase Agreement Template is the agreement to choose for you and your buyer. Our template is 12 pages long and allows for every contingency of your purchase. If you don’t need to use a section, you can simply cross it out and both parties can initial that section.

Our Asset Purchase Agreement Template starts out with a section that clearly lists the two parties to the agreement. Then, there is a section that clearly defines the important parts of the agreement so that all the important terms are clear to both parties. The third section discusses and clarifies all aspects of the item to be sold, including the fact that the seller holds clear title to the assets and that all applicable laws are being followed. The next section lists the status of the buyer and what qualifications the buyer brings to the sale. The fifth section discusses future modification to this contract, has an area for additional clauses that may be needed and discusses how the contract will be enforced. The final sections allow for the signatures of the responsible parties of both the buyer and seller and for witness to the signatures. The witness signatures simply attest to the identity of the parties involved.

Our template makes use of modern fonts and color to call attention to major parts of the agreement. The template is a document both business will be proud to use for their agreement.

Preview of Asset Purchase Agreement Template for 2015 :