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Car Purchase Agreement Template (2 Pages)

In earlier times, the average person would sell their car to another person. Their binding agreement would consist of a friendly handshake. However, things have changed. The world is not as trusting today. Therefore a car purchase agreement template is the best way to make sure that all parties involved in the contract are fully aware of their rights and are protected. Furthermore, the template is good for individual transactions or a business. This car purchase agreement template includes all the details and features to enter into a legal binding contract between a buyer and seller.

Using the Car Purchase Agreement Template

This is a professionally created form that will simplify the process. It is very easy to use and fill out in a matter of minutes. The template is on a white background. However, it is easy to print the template out on a business letterhead. Car Purchase Agreement is printed at the top of the template. There are several fields on the form that are fully customizable. The top field is for the current date. There are also fields for the buyer’s name, buyer’s address, buyer’s phone number, buyer’s email address. There are also fields for the seller’s name, seller’s address, seller’s phone number, seller’s email address. There is a following section for vehicle information. This includes year, make, model, VIN. Following that is a section for selling price and mileage. Contractual agreements follow with fields at the end for the buyer and seller’s signature.

The fact is that all transactions that include a sale should have a legal contract or legally binding agreement to protect both parties involved with the transaction. This is a well-crafted, and professionally designed car purchase agreement template that will speed up the transaction. It is easy to download and customize the fields or even change the look of the fonts. Even add a business logo.

Preview of Car Purchase Agreement Template :

car purchase agreement template