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How to Write a Letter of Appreciation

A letter of appreciation is simply a thank you letter used in formal and business situations. Sending this letter is a good way to reach out and make others realize that you are grateful for their help. It is also a gesture of courtesy and increases the possibility of people lending you hand in the future.

Here is a quick guide and sample letter to help you in writing one.

How to Write a Letter of Appreciation

This letter doesn’t have to be effusive or long, it should be kept short and sincere. The following must be included;

  • Date, Name, and address. -keep the correct format in mind when writing a formal letter. On the top left-hand corner, it’s important to mention the name and the address of whom the letter is intended. Include the date and then the writer of the letter should write a salutation.
  • Greetings or salutation- this depends on the correspondence; use “Hi” in informal situations, use “Dear Ms/Mr” in a more formal situation and use “Dear” when referring to your manager, professor or boss.
  • Body-explain how the recipient has helped you although it’s good to express gratitude throughout the letter. Give specific details and give examples of how the recipient went above and beyond in helping you. In general, the reader of the letter should get a clear idea of the reason you are appreciating him/her.
  • The closing-the final paragraph should sum the whole idea of appreciation and should also try to thank the recipient again. Sign off the letter by entering your name and signature. Don’t forget to write ‘sincerely’
  • Edit or proofread the letter-there may be some mistakes in the appreciation letter so it’s wise to proofread or edit to remove some unseen mistakes.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation

  • Do not delay-write this letter as soon as possible and write it on a good quality paper(on personal levels).
  • Keep it short and focused.
  • Explain the reason for writing the letter and be specific.
  • You should be sincere.
  • Avoid grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes.
  • Consider the format-for formal situation consider the business format. Others use an informal format.

Sample Appreciation Letter


Mr.James King



Sub: Appreciation for your outstanding project contribution.

Dear Mr. King,

I would like to express appreciation for your remarkable contribution to the project work. You are diligent, hardworking and also a team leader. It’s true that you are capable of thinking outside the box and all the credit goes to you. All your co-workers have praised you for your creativity and the job well done.

I am confident that your dedication towards the project will result in an increase in the company’s output and also an increase in the client’s base. Am expecting a rapid growth of our company if you continue delivering the same quality of work, Keep up!

I am sure you will be the leader of the company’s major projects and within a year we will grow and succeed in our company together. You are a great resource to our customers and also a good asset to the business. Thanks again.

Thanking you,

Ms, Jane Jones

Head of Quality Control Department.